Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People.

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  • Published : January 4, 2012
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Question 1. TDA 2.2: LEARNING OUTCOME 2.4

Describe in detail the actions that you would take response to the following emergency situations in your setting to include:

• Fire

• Security incidents

• Missing children and young people



FIRE: If i discovered a fire on the premises i would immediatly raise the alarm, if i was near to a phone i would also dial 999.(On hearing the alarm the head teacher would dial 999 or instruct a member of staff to do so). I would only tackle the fire if possible using the appliance provided if it was a small fire and i knew how to use the appliance provided correctly and safely.

On hearing the fire alarm, i would follow the instructions of the teacher in charge. I would calmly assist in gathering all pupils and guiding them out through the nearest fire exit immediatly. If i was the last person out i would ensure i closed all doors behind me. All persons, staff and pupils would report to the assembly point (in my case it would be the front yard). A register would be taken. The school policy states any absentees an immediate search will be made. The policy also states do not take risks and do not return to the building until authorised to do so. I would closely listen and follow instructions from the head or teacher in charge. I know where all the fire alarms are and fire exits within the school and have read the fire notes that are on the wall in the classroom.

SECURITY INCIDENTS: Any persons entering the school must do so through reception. At reception there is a signing in book any visitors to the school must sign in here. The visitor must indicate time of arrival, name, reason for visit, and if necessary provide i.d. All visitors are required to wear an i.d badge, and must sign out as they depart. If i noticed...
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