Chapter 1 & 2 of the Ip

Topics: Mouthwash, Oral hygiene, Moringa oleifera Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: September 3, 2012
Group 1 of 6-I St. Thomas of Villanova

Chapter 1 – Background of the Study

A. Introduction
- As an effective mouthwash is one that can keep the user’s breath fresh for a long enough time. The fragrance of the mouthwash must have the proper strength. To be more eco-friendly, we’ve created two organic mouthwashes out of malunggay and star apple decoction.

B. Statement of the Problem
- What is the difference between the effectiveness of the star apple and malunggay mouthwash in?

C. Statement of the Hypothesis
- If the star apple mouthwash will be used, the freshness of their breath will last longer.

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D. Significance of the Study
- This IP aims to benefit the people in oral hygiene and save the environment at the same time.

E. Scope and Limitations
- This study will only use the homemade and organic mouthwashes. - This study will only compare the homemade organic mouthwashes in two factors, (1) The fragrance left by the mouthwash

(2) The period of time that the mouthwash is fresh

F. Definition of Terms
a. Star Apple – In Filipino “kaymito”, the leaves of the plant are leathery, pointed at the tip, blunt or rounded at the base and covered with silky, golden-brown soft hairs.

b. Decoction – The extraction of the water-soluble substances of a drug or medicinal plants by boiling. Page 2
Chapter 2 – Review of Related Literature

Star Apple (chrisophyllum cainito) is a common angiosperm in tropical countries. This fruit-bearing tree has leathery oblong leaves that are dark green and glossy on the upper surface and golden brown on the underside, its fleshy fruits are among the favorites. To treat swollen gums, Hermina De Guzman-Ladion (1995) suggests to a gargle concoction from its leaves it. Because of this, the researchers of our group decided to create a mouthwash out of the decoction of it’s leaves; however,...
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