Moringa Oleifera as an Alternative Detergent

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Chapter 1

This study about Moringa Oleifera enables the creation of a new homemade detergent and its target to clean fabric and furniture. This study will prove that even vegetables like Malunggay can also be used as house cleaners. This study will try to improve the cleaning powers of the other commercial detergents by adding malunggay extract to it. It will prove that the power of malunggay is not limited and this will prove people wrong. They think malunggay can only be used as medicines or food, but the researchers study, Malunggay’s purpose is to be a liquid detergent.

There is a great possibility that malunggay’s power can also clean items in the household. The target of this study is to improve the progress of cleanliness in our economy. Malunggay can clean and it can dissolve dirt in a great speed. Chemically speaking, there is a great possibility that malunggay’s chlorophyll might have the power not the leaves itself.

The decision in doing this study was made during this late year of 2011 since herbal products such as malunggay shampoos and conditioners. These herbal items are greatly needed by the public market not because only it has a small price, but also it has an effect.

Malunggay can clean stains and dissolve them in a great time. Testing malunggay’s power but sooner and sooner, malunggay’s power can be soon unveiled and discovered. When this happens, there will be a great upgrade in the whole economy.

Statement of the Problem
Moringa Oleifera as an alternative detergent
This study will be conducted to develop a horseradish (Moringacae/Moringa Oleifera) liquid detergent. Specifically, this study will attempt to answer the following questions. 1. How long does it take for the moringa detergent to remove stains? 1.1 Catsup

1. Is moringa detergent better than the stain removing capacity of the commercial detergent? Significance of the study
This study will contribute to a growing number of demands to a commercial detergent by helping people work easier and finish earlier. People need many detergents for their works such as cleaning clothes but with malunggay detergents, you can clean in just 2-5 wipes the furniture. This can also motivate and challenge school authorities to a cleaner and have a less stress and it’s only for a low cost price. This can contribute to household maids and moms so that they would not have a hard time in removing stains that need to be washed out for a very long time. Scope and Delimitation

This study is focused on making an alternative liquid detergent from malunggay. This study is limited to only using malunggay as a detergent not as using this as shampoos and conditioners. The investigation is concerned on the economy of the Philippines may sink down to poverty because of high prices of items in the public market which are needed in great amount have a high cost. This study does not only want the economy of the Philippines but also the world’s economy because it can contribute to world safety because it does not have poisonous and hazardous to health chemicals. In the way, we can contribute to the economy, we can save lives, and we can save Mother Earth.

Chapter 3

This chapter presents the method and procedure in conducting the study. This includes the Research Design, Materials and Instrumentation, Collection of materials, Preparation of Treatments, Detergent Making, Testing and Evaluation of the Detergent’s Quality and, Statistical Treatment. Research Design

The researchers used CRD or Completely Randomized Design because this study has replications of treatments (R) was assigned completely at random to independent experimental subjects. This study has 2 treatments; T1 = Control and T2 = Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera). Materials and Instrumentation

This experimentation used 1 mL of Malunggay extract, 1 mL of Malunggay’s chlorophyll, 10 samples of Malunggay seeds....
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