Chapter 1

Topics: Marriage, Husband, Wife Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Chapter 1
This Chapter presents the following essential elements of the study: the introduction, which contains the rationale (an explanation of the reason for the conduct of study); the literature review and statistical foundations; the statement of the general and specific problems; the scope and delimitation which identifies the major variables, sub-variables and indicators; the significance of the study which enumerates the beneficiaries of the study and the corresponding benefits each will receive; and lastly, the notations

There are numerous people today that get married at their early age but primarily the main focus of the researcher is the people who went to collage but wasn’t able to finish their studies and to evaluate the positive and negative effects of marring at early age. . The researcher’s devotion and concern for youth; propelled him to conduct this study. As a college student of this school, the researcher has different experiences and views about this topic that he wants to prove and test. She believes that this study can help students in deciding for their life and to have a great success for all the students here in NEU.

The study is conducted to know the reason of those people who married in early age. It also aims to know what are the positive and negative effects of marrying in early age. Specifically, the researcher answers the following questions. 1.) Personal information:

1.1 Age when they got marry;
1.2Age at the present; and
1.3 Educational attainment

2.): Reasons of getting marry
3.) Result of their marriage

The study was limited and focused on the Reasons and the positive and negative effects of those undergraduate youth that marry in early age.
In terms of the people who got married in early age, it was also limited to their reasons, the positive and negative effects.
Respondents for the research...
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