Covenant Marriage Would Decrease Rate of Divorce

Topics: Marriage, Divorce, No-fault divorce Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Covenant Marriage Would Decrease the Rate of Divorce

Most people have the need to have a stable and secure life. Consequently, banks and financial advisors assist society in securing finances, police safeguards our lives and well-being; but what can protect our emotional state of life? What can save a marriage from divorce? The one of the possible effective ways to protect marriages from braking apart is covenant marriage. Covenant marriage is an option for couples to receive premarital counseling, which makes divorce difficult to obtain; unless both spouses required it simultaneously. This option is becoming more popular throughout the United States. After covenant marriage appeared in Louisiana in 1997, Arizona and Arkansas followed its example. Why people get married? People get married for various reasons, mostly because of a desire of companionship, intact parenthood, and partnership. Happy marriage increases the lifespan. Marriage has a great impact on a human’s life, it is not only a cultural tradition, but also a need to acquire emotional support, protection and stability. In terms of finances, maintaining one household is cheaper than two. Moreover, singles tend to spend money on entertainment and fancy “extras”, whereas married people think more about saving for future. Most people understand that being married is more prestigious and financially beneficial. Stereotypes are still alive in the human’s mind so married individual could be perceived as mature and receive more respect at workplace. If marriage is so good and beneficial, why the divorce rate is so high nowadays? The divorce rate is high because people can leave the marriage easily without consequences. The divorce rate today is ten times more than century ago; approximately four in ten marriages end up in divorce. The rate of divorce is even higher among African-Americans; six in ten marriages are eventually dissolved. Being married in the United States nowadays has nothing to...
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