Does the Level of Education Affect the Age at Which Women Get Married?

Topics: Regression analysis, Statistical hypothesis testing, Household income in the United States Pages: 9 (2393 words) Published: December 10, 2009
Does the level of education affect the age at which women get married?

Does the level of education affect the age at which women get married?

This study will determine the affect of a woman’s level of education (EDUCATION) on a woman’s median age at first marriage (AGE_MARRIAGE) while holding constant the affects of a women’s living situation (RESIDENCE), men’s median age at marriage (M_AGE), and women’s median income (INCOME). The dependent variable AGE_MARRIAGE is determined by independent variables EDUCATION, RESIDENCE, M_AGE, and INCOME. The most important independent variable in this relationship is EDUCATION because I believe that a woman’s increased level of education directly affects when they get married. Definition of Variables

The general form of the model is:
Y = X1 + X2 + X3 + X4
Therefore, the model including the variables is:
AGE_MARRIAGE (Y): This is the dependent variable. I want to determine what has an affect on the age at which woman get married. The independent variables are used to determine which has a significant affect on marriage. EDUCATION (X1): This is the primary independent variable because I believe that as a person’s level of education increases, so will the age at which marriages occur. By being more educated they are more mature and stable, so a person will be more likely to get married after they finish their education. In this case education is defined as having a Bachelor’s degree. The level of education that a woman obtains has been correlated with the delay of marriage to pursue her own life. An article by USA Today, which based there findings on statistics from the US Census Bureau, found at /2008-11-09-delayed-marriage_N.htm, stated that people are holding off getting married because of education and pursuing careers. Specifically saying “Others are also holding off while maintaining a single-but-together status that can last years. That may be one reason the age at first marriage has been climbing steadily for all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups. The median age is now the oldest since the U.S. Census started keeping track in the 1890s: almost 26 for women and almost 28 for men.” Women are pursuing education and putting off marriage as more opportunities open up to her. Another source, from a study done in Pakistan, states that they “find that educated women marry significantly later but education does not have any impact on the duration between marriage and first birth”. I believe that the median age of marriages is increasing and it is due to the increased level of education by females.

RESIDENCE(X2): This is to see if there is any difference among women who are head of the household and when they get married. This is an independent variable. M_AGE(X3): This is to see if there is any affect on when woman get married because of the man’s mean marital age. This is another independent variable. INCOME (X4): This is to see if the female mean income from 1973-2007 has any impact on the age of which marriages occur. This is the last independent variable. The relationship between AGE_MARRIAGE and EDUCATION should be positive because as women obtain more education they also age. The relationship between AGE_MARRIAGE and RESIDENCE should be negative because women who are head of the household typically are not married. The relationship between AGE_MARRIAGE and M_AGE should be positive because the median age at which men and women get married should increase over time. The relationship between AGE_MARRIAGE and INCOME should be positive because the more money a women makes the more likely she is to be getting married and usually women earn more money when they are older.

Data Description
All the data for this project was taken from the US Census Bureau with specific data found for each variable. Their statistics are nationwide in scope and cover years 1973 to 2003. Year...
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