People Under the Age of 18 Should Not Be Allowed to Marry.

Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Love Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Marriage is a contract signed by a man and a woman, who falls in love with each other. People are getting married when they feel ready to build up their own home which requires a lot of things. Nowadays, along with the fast speed of life, the youth love faster, get married earlier; however the divorce rate is also higher. Then in what age should people marry? Should people under the age of eighteen get married? My answer is No. Firstly, the age of 16 to 18 does not bring people a complete development in the aspect of psychology. If people got married in this age, they would be the young parents who can’t give their children a good education. That is a huge trouble. Secondly, life is just beginning to a eighteen-year-old person, they are too young to realize what kind of things on earth they are going to involved in. Everything is idealized by them. In fact, it is a positive way of thinking; however, the problem is that they do not have enough experiences to send out solutions for some conjugal issues happening in marriage life. Then, when they finally recognized marriage is not that ideal, they might be depressed and disappointed, which was the reason for many tragedies. Many people think simply that as long as they love each other, they can marry. It’s their decision and if it was a bad choice, they could get divorce and learn something from that. They are right in some parts, but what would happen if they cannot trust any other person due to the consequences of the last divorce? They would be in bad mood, discouraged and sometimes would suffer from autism. It is not worth for them to do so. To sum up, marriage is something special, precious and serious. If you decided to go along with someone else the rest of your life, you would need to be carefully choosing that partner, find out if he or she deserves to be with you. And remember, marriage is for adults.
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