Change Management of Nike Company

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Change management cannot be separated from the organization. It is because change is inevitable. But some people do not like the change itself. They tend to think about the bad effect of the change in the organization, such as layoff, downsizing, pay cuts, or relocation. In fact, the change can be the good improvement, such as the improvement of the technology, building new products, and increase the market. The management has to be prepared of the change management in order to make the effective change management. The change is needed to improve the performance of the organization. The change is used to make the good development of the organization, such as emerging in the bigger market place, getting the bigger revenue, etc. In this globalization era, the organization has to be dynamic in order to adapt to the environment that keep changing day by day. If the organization cannot implement the change management, the organization will not be competitive in the market because the other organizations keep improving and change the management to adapt in the change environment.

Definition of Change Management
Change management is the process of planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling the compositions of the environment, internal and external of the organization, in order to make sure that the changes are implemented to approved plans and objectives of the changes is going well and has the little disruption (Oseni, 2007). Change management is the art or science of making changes with the certain systems or methods to make sense out of the organizational chaos that happen in the company and affect its employees, its suppliers, its vendors, and its customers (Ledez, 2008). External factors are the factors that force the company to do the change management. For example, the company need to adjust the price of the products to make it same as the market price, or to attract the customers. Process of the Change

Change must be realistic and attainable. Instead of forcing change, it is better to ensure the number of participant that join into the change and the process of the change itself. Every change process should begin with these basic questions (Oseni, 2007): 1. What needs to be change?

Change should not be introduced into the system only. Change can be caused from the organization itself or outside of it. The question is best answered when the limitations of the process are identified. The answer of this question should be able to address why the change is necessary. 2. To what should it be changed?

It is one thing to know that there is a need to change the current system, but another question is to what it should be changed. Change cannot be justified into the organization that doesn’t know the better alternative to the current system. The change must be offering the better benefits to the new system than the current system does. 3. How should this change happen?

Some changes are ended as a disaster. It only wastes the management time and investment. Whatever approach is adapted to effect the change must address the issue of how to minimize disruption to the system and minimize the cost also. 4. How can the change be sustained?

If this question is not well addressed, all efforts are only a waste in the long run. This is the stage where many process changes face the problems. Stages of the Change
In the change management, there are three stages of the change: 1. Pre-implementation Stage.
In this stage, there are three parts:
* Conception of change idea
This stage is where the need for process change is realized. For example, the need to improve the inadequacy in the current system. The need to reduce cost, the need to improve the service, etc. * Evaluation of the idea

In this phase, the alternatives are identified.
* Management’s eventual approval to introduce the process change At each of sub stage, especially the points at which the change...
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