Change Management and Communication Plan

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Change Management and Communication Plan

MGT 311
October 2012

Change Management Plan

Project Name: Project Customer Number One

Customer Management System Improvement, Phase II

Prepared By: Team
Title: Customer Management System Improvement
Version No: 1.0
Document Change Control

The following is the document control for revisions to this document.

|Version Number |Date of Issue |Author(s) |Brief Description of Change | |1.0 |10/24/12 |Team |Initial plan | | | | | | | | | | |


The following are definitions of terms, abbreviations and acronyms used in this document.

|Term |Definition | |CRM |Customer Relationship Management | |ICT |Information and Communications Technology | |TQM |Total Quality Management |

Table Of Contents

1. Project constraints2

2. Change management guidelines and purview.2

3. Estimate of change 2

4. Roles and responsibilities3

5. The change management TIMELINE3


1. Project constraints

We acknowledge the following project constraints:

Although Riordan does not currently have a formal customer management system, they do have a formal power structure. This structure includes an organization chart which clearly outlines the chain of command. This is also called a command group. “A command group is determined by the organization chart. It is composed of the individuals who report directly to a given manager” (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p. 276). Also, the job descriptions for each role in the company are clearly stated under the Human Resources section of the intranet. Riordan needs a more formal customer management plan to match the formal power structure of the organization. The fact that Riordan has expected individual employees to manage their own customer database has surely affected the attitude employees have toward customers. They may interpret the disorganization as an apathetic view of Riordan’s customers. Because of this, employees may not feel the need to keep up with the customer contact information.

2. Change management guidelines and purview.

The following items will be subject to change management.

Primary deliverables
• (CRM) Customer Relationship Management
• (TQM) Total Quality Management

The project team has latitude to interpret requirements in the following areas: • Specific framework content
• Task group assignments
• Quality review specifics

The most appropriate organization structure for Riordan manufacturing to combine and organize the customer information is a task group. Task groups can cross over with each other without consulting the management for every decision made. “A task group, also organizationally determined, represents individuals working together to complete a job task” (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p. 276). Using (ICT) Information and Communications Technology the IT department at Riordan has designed a centrally located customer management system. This system is a user friendly database that will organize the Riordan customer contacts, thereby streamlining...
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