Automatic Bell Using Pic

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Software Requirements Specification

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1.1Document Purpose1
1.2Product Scope1
1 3Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations1
1.4Document Conventions1
1.6References and Acknowledgments2
2Overall Description 2
2.1Product Perspective2
2.2Product Functionality2
2.3Users and Characteristics2
2.4Operating Environment2
2.5Design and Implementation Constraints3
2.6User Documentation3
2.7Assumptions and Dependencies3
3Specific Requirements4
3.1External Interface Requirements4
3.2Functional Requirements5
3.3Behaviour Requirements5
4Other Non-functional Requirements6
4.1Performance Requirements6
4.2Safety and Security Requirements6
4.3Software Quality Attributes6
Appendix A – Data Dictionary8
Appendix B - Group Log9

This project takes over the task of ringing of the bell in colleges/schools according to specified timetable in that instituation. It replaces the manual switching of the bell. It has an inbuilt Real Time Clock (DS1307 /DS 12c887) which tracks over the real time. When this time equals to the bell ringing time, then the relay for the bell is switched on. The bell ringing time can be edited at any time, so that it can be used at normal class timings as well as exam times. * Document Purpose

Every one knows about the importance of time and time doesnot wait for anyones.every thing must be done in time and accurately.Nowadays,in schools and colleges, bells are operated manually and hence there is necessity of accuracy ,manpower and money.So we must use automated control system that saves manpower,money and highest accuracy.So we are here with this project. * Product Scope

Present day manual operation for ringing the bell in colleges or schools are carried out. The main disadvantage of this is one person is to be keep alert for this. At the same time during that time he could not be engaged in another task .To overcome from this, we have decided to prepare the system which will be operated automatically and the ringing of bell will start by its own time. The time input can be edited as per requirements .This circuit is simple to prepare and easy to install. We can say that it will be much useful for colleges or schools or other educational institutions Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations

RTC=Real Time Clock
PIC=Peripheral Interface Unit
MCU=Micro Controller Unit
LCD=Liquid Crystal Display

Document Conventions
Font : Times New Roman
Font size : 12 for contents
Font size : 14 for headings(Bold)

References and Acknowledgments
* PIC16F87XA Data Sheet
* * -------------------------------------------------
Overall Description
Product Perspective
In market there many digital clocks are available with bells but rings only at specific time. For e.g. Alarm Clock and some bells that ring after some time intervals and that cannot stop after specific time. For e.g. Musical Clock, but all these limitation have been removed by our project. It rings only according to our college time table. Product Functionality

* Switch ON the power
* In Display the real time will display.
* It has an Inbuilt Real Time Clock (DS1307 /DS 12c887) which tracks over the Real Time. When this time equals to the Bell Ringing time, then the Relay for the Bell is switched on. * If one...
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