Change Management: 1. Change Management Is a Necessary Component for Any Organizational Performance Improvement Process to Succeed. Critically Review the Contribution of J.P, Kotter to Management of Change.

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Change management:
1. Change management is a necessary component for any organizational performance improvement process to succeed. Critically review the contribution of J.P, Kotter to management of change.

Introduction to change management

Contemporary trends of business and management are dynamic in nature. This is the reason why different organization employ strategic change in order comes up with current business demands. However, it is always difficult for the employers to accept this change effectively and there are several reasons behind it. For instance, some employers feel uncomfortable to manage with the change and some employers consider it a threat to their expertise and job. This situation makes it difficult for the organizations to perform core business activities that ultimately affect the profitability and working processes of that organization in one way or other.

Change management is an important factor since it enables the organization to comply with the contemporary market trends. However, there has been a lot of research on this topic due to the intricacy cling to it. It is convicted that change is managed on organizational level rather than individual level yet without psycho-analysis and behavioral analysis and without compelling and convincing human resource of the organization, it is not possible to gain benefits from implemented strategic change. So, one of the major component for change management is human resource management.

When an organization employs some strategic change, it has to face resistance from employers because it involves transition from known to unknown. Some individuals try to maintain this change and find it comfortable yet others are usually unwilling to adopt this change which causes failure of strategic change plan. Most often, it happens in enterprise resource planning programs because it involve different complex processes which enable some people to move on comprehending the organizational state...
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