Information Systems Study for Bandon Group Inc

Topics: Customer relationship management, Enterprise resource planning, Management Pages: 15 (5090 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Information Systems Study for Bandon Group Inc
Student's Name: Xianwei Meng
Date: 26/8/2011
Module title: Enterprise Resource Planning
Words: 5023
Information Systems Study
For Bandon Group Inc.
1. Introductions
Bandon Group is a family owned distributor of office equipment. It is famous for its good customer service, technical support, and innovative products, and excellent in providing products with quality and services at cost-effective price. The Group now has four divisions, and they decentralize to meet the different needs of their local markets. Corporate headquarters handles the central administrations and information systems support. The primary objective of Bandon Group is to generate 10% profit for the reinvestment. They hope to establish excellent sales organization and professional service organization. To achieve these goals, Bandon Group has taken many measures. As to the information systems, they have administrative information systems, most of which are generic, and in which the meter click billing software unique for industries. However, the legacy system can not satisfy its growth and expansion now. Their director of information technology has searched for commercial off-the shelf package to support the administrative information system, and selected OMD. The OMD system supports meter-based billing, and has Web-based interface. However, it is not built with relational database, which makes the ad hoc difficult. Sales tools of Bandon Group such as sales prospecting still have many problems to be solved. The current information systems still lack integration and create duplication. Date inconsistencies can also be seen in the current systems. Moreover, there are troubles with migrating data, and the central IT staff of Bandon Group is too small to solve these problems. Therefore, Bandon Group is seeking for an ERP solution to complete its information systems. And such a solution will surely greatly improve its information quality and management ability. ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning Enterprise Resource Planning system, is built on the basis of information technology, systematic management thinking, for business decision-makers and staff to run the means to provide decision management platform. Information technology and the continuous development of management thinking, combined with the product. 2. Overview Of What I Do

a. According to the internal and external environment and resources, analyzed the feasibility of the establishment of the ERP system and the scientific development of the strategic objectives of the ERP project. b. Determined the business needs of the ERP, including functional, time and efficiency requirements. c. Analyzed the implementation of enterprise management status and the gap between the ERP systems, develop business process reengineering and management improvement program. In the implementation process, I will continue to work on the diagnosis, identify gaps and make business process reengineering programs, standards and data management business preparedness programs specifically by the company to perform. d. Consulting and training. The implementation of ERP project not only needs to improve knowledge and skills, but also requires proper attitude and behavior change. The “attitude”, “knowledge”, “capacity”, “action” must be implemented by training. 3. Reasons For Pursuing An ERP Solution

Bandon Group should pursue an ERP solution to maintain its competitiveness by using the ERP systems to standardize and improve processes. As the competitions in market are getting fierce, the external factors determine that Bandon Group must be engaged in e-Business. At the same time, internal factors of Bandon Group also contribute to the evolution of its management. The existing applications of Bandon Group lack integration. And the advanced ideas of ERP integrate the needs of customers outside the enterprises and the business processes inside the enterprises...
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