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Sirkin et al (2005) write that DICE is effective in change management. Choose a change management program either personal or business related that you would like to implement, then using the DICE framework, calculate the DICE score. Please share this with your classmates.

Depending on the total DICE framework score of your change management initiative, discuss with your classmates how you would go about improving the scores, if appropriate.

Change Management Program: Create better productivity of committees for my not for profit organization for each calendar year.

I currently work for a not for profit organization. There is an executive committee in charge acting as top level management would; and different committees judged necessary to the type of organization we have. Each committee is managed by a head of committee acting as mid level managers. The executive committee and each head of committee form the organization board.


This project is set to be repeated each year if it is indeed effective. Completion is expected in the next 12 months •The board will meet every 6 weeks over the duration of the entire program. •The executive committee will meet one week after every board meeting therefore every 6 weeks as well in addition to their participation to the board meeting.


The head of the board that is also the head of the executive committee is the new president of the organization who was just voted based on his experience and overall personality. He has efficiently run his own business successfully for the last 10 years and has a great reputation. Very respected and helpful.


1) Senior Management Commitment (C1)

The senior management will communicate more clearly about the task needed to be completed and what is expected of each committee. •Implement comprehensive deadline for every activity and define clear steps in the completion of an activity for each committee. •Establish clear free...
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