Difference in Leadership Styles in Non Profit and for Profit Organizations

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Academic researchers have not found it important to attempt to complete studies based on leadership in non-profit organizations. A main problem that arises is that people tend to confuse the terms leadership and management with each other. Also leadership researchers tend to associate leadership in non-profit organizations with general research about leadership.

These two problems result in a minimum amount of research done to support studies about leadership in non-profit organizations. This lack of study about leadership in non-profit versus for profit can tend to make people believe that there are no differences between the two.

This study will attempt to differentiate between the two based on definitions, characteristics, tax laws, funding sources, organizational structure, incentives, leadership styles and human resources. This study will include semi structured interviews by the CEO of Guadenzia, a for profit organization in Baltimore City that provides counseling services for at risk youth in Northwest Baltimore and The Director of Northwest Baltimore Youth Services, Inc., a non-profit organization that also provides counseling services to at risk youth in Northwest Baltimore. This information will then be examined in regards to their similarities and differences.

Is There Really a Difference in Leadership Styles in Non Profit and for Profit Organizations?

Although there have been an unlimited amount of research done in reference to leadership styles in for profit organizations, there have been a lack of research done in the non-profit sector in regards to leadership. There have also been few research studies that address the differences in management process between non-profit organizations and for profit organizations.


1. One assumption is...
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