Challenges Before Teacher Education in Changing Scenario

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Challenges Before Teacher Education in Changing Scenario

“Teacher education may assume a leadership role in the transformation of education or be left behind in a swirl of rapid technological change.” UNISCO-2002

Entering into the 21st century does not mean a simple shift of calendar year. Presently we are in the KNOWLEDGE-ERA supported by high and low technology. Teacher-Education being an integral part of the whole education system is considered to be the hub of the entire education because it is believed that as is the B.Ed., so will be the secondary and higher secondary education. The Teacher- Education programme differs from other educational programmes in the sense that it trains the student teachers for a profession. .A teacher reshapes the life of thousands of youth during his tenure. Any lacunae in the preparation of these individuals would cost the country very dearly over a very long period of time Social, economical and technological changes of the past decades have made education and training more crucial resource than ever. Yet teacher- education aims at providing opportunities to their students with necessary knowledge, skills and value system for evolving market places, common living environment and to prepare good citizens for lifelong learning. With increasing use of technology and multimedia technology, the fate of today is shaped not in the classroom but more outside the classroom and the definition of the teacher has changed considerably. Advancing technology and changing scenario has both PULL and PUSH impacts on trends in flexible education. The sorry state of affairs is that our education sector has not been immune to the impact of advancement in information and communication technology. Teachers in our government schools are playing multifarious roles besides classroom teaching .On one hand we pressurize introduction of ICT in the schools but simultaneously on the other hand teachers have been technically trained on ritual methods of lesson delivery and cannot be technocrats suddenly and churn out lessons by the hour. The existing teacher training curriculum at all levels in our country is going to be irrelevant because of its mismatch with reality that exists in schools and emerging demands of the economy driven markets. Under such circumstances teachers and teacher educators are of central importance in tapping the potential offered by information and communication technologies to enhance the quality of education to meet the challenges ahead. We need a systematic effort to blend the existing teacher training curriculum in the line of emerging demands of technology enabled learning environment of the school. Bare truth is never sweet, but we can not deny the fact that our system is not free form lacunae of different dimensions. Teacher- education programmes in India from nursery to university level, encounter a number of problems namely : •Lack of subject experts in pedagogic application of ICT. •Less emphasis on applicability.

Shortage of supportive resources.
Irrelevant teacher- education curriculum and evaluation system. •Short duration of training course.
Lack of systematic efforts.
Privatization of teacher-training institutes.
More theory oriented curriculum.
Less practical experience.
Stereotyped practice- teaching.
Outdated teaching methods.
Examination oriented Teacher-Education.
Job oriented Teacher-Education.
The more crucial job in teaching and learning process is training of the teachers. The task of preparing teachers who can impart the necessary competencies to the students under their stewardship refers to the area of Teacher- Education. As teachers are the kingpins of any education system, their up gradation is of utmost significance keeping this target in mind Thus innovation are expected in Teacher- Education programme because it helps to prepare the teachers to handle the diverse and challenging school population. The goals...
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