Teaching Methods and Techniques Employed by Teachers in Teaching English at Puerto Princesa City National Science High School Sy 2007-2008

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Chapter I


English as a school subject is both a tool and a way of gaining knowledge and personal insights. It enables the students to communicate with others on personal, social, literary and interdisciplinary topics. It gives insight into how individuals think and live in the English-speaking world. Communicative skills and cultural insights can promote greater interaction, understanding and respect between people with different cultural backgrounds. In this way linguistic and cultural competence contributes to personal development and fosters democratic commitment and a better understanding of responsible citizenship among people. The English language is used everywhere. When people of different nationalities meet, English is often used as a medium of communication. English is used in films, literature, songs, sports, business, products, trades and entertainment, and through these channels many English words and expressions are transmitted. When information is needed whether for private or professional use, it is often searched in English. Moreover, English is increasingly used in education and working life. This being the case, the Philippine Educational System have instituted a new language policy and program to develop a nation competent in the use of the English language. The objectives of the program are: 1) to equip the learners with adequate language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English to enable them to benefit from educational institutions in which English is the medium of instruction; and 2) to develop these skills to a level such that they can use the language effectively and independently in oral and written communication (Marcos, 1995). Public dissatisfaction with education has made the teacher at the center of the debate. Teacher plays a vital role in education. He is one of the several factors that influence the learning of the child. The quality of education the students received depends upon the skill and competence of the teachers. As the saying goes “you cannot give what you don’t have”, which implies that the teacher must have a thorough grasp of the subject matter he teaches. To promote learning effectively, a teacher must not only know the subject matter but also how to teach the subject.

One way of providing quality education for learners according to Piaget as cited by Bustos and Espiritu (1985) is the importance of giving each child enough learning material appropriate for his learning. Furthermore, the learning of the child in school is also influenced by other factors. Among these factors are the teacher competence, teacher use of instructional material and methods, the home and school environment, and the child itself.

Thus, this study was focused on the assessment of the teaching methods and techniques employed by the teachers in teaching English subjects as influenced by their personal characteristics.

Statement of the Problem
This study dealt with the teaching methods and techniques employed by teachers in teaching English at Puerto Princesa City National Science High School during school year 2007-2008.
Specifically, it sought answers to the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the English teachers in terms of: a. age;
b. sex;
c. highest educational attainment;
d. major subject;
e. attendance in in-service trainings and seminars; and f. length of teaching experience?
2. What are the teaching methods and techniques used by the teacher? 3. Is there a significant relationship between teacher personal factors and the teaching methods and techniques they employ in teaching English subject? 4. Is there a significant difference between the teaching methods and techniques employ by the teachers as perceived by the teacher themselves and their students?

Research Paradigm...
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