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I wish to become an English teacher because English is my native language albeit with a New Zealand (Kiwi) accent and pronunciation and with the odd Maori word thrown in.
I believe English to be the most common language used in the world and although it may not be the most common native language I believe it has become the default business language. The world is turning global with most of the borders and boundaries being merged into one very vibrant and dynamic place. People are travelling more and businesses are going global. To be able to teach someone how to speak and write English so that they can use it in their business and when they travel would be awesome and to my mind there are not many higher callings. I have served a tenure of 21 ½ years with the New Zealand Army where I attained the rank of Sergeant. Promotion through the ranks required me to be taught how to give both physical and classroom lessons. During my time I have had the privilege of working alongside a number of the different nations of the world. I spent a total of 4 ½ years in Singapore and my time there allowed me to be immersed in the culture and ways of the people. My time in the Army gives me an edge over my counterparts as I am able to assimilate into any culture and this demonstrates my ability to learn and adapt to any environment I find myself in. I undertake my work and life with a cheerful and friendly manner and I feel I will be able to impart this onto the students, my colleagues, and employers. My experiences have taught me how to be patient with other people and that people learn by different methods and at different speeds, the trick is to identify how each person learns then try to adapt my teachings, within the parameters of the course, to suit. Part of the Army training was the observation and critiquing of the other instructors and having to face the same from them. I have also had instruction in creating lesson...
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