Cell Phone Effects

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Could one imagine managing life without a cell phone? Today, communication is available anywhere at any time in the United State. Using a cell phone is now the normal way of life. Many Americans have done away with a home phone and begun to use the cell phone as a basic source of communication. Cell phones have affected this country by providing convenient communication and saving lives. The cell phone has made communication convenient by doing away with the confinement of a corded home phone. We are now able to carry communication to any place we go. For example, we can call from a cell phone as we are traveling, shopping, or working. Past communication that was inconvenient was the pay phone which took up more time. A customer would have to search for a pay phone; come up for money to make a call, and call time was limited. However, the cell phone is portable, unlimited, and prepaid. The cell phone has become a life saver for many Americans. In the past, we had to hope for help to come in emergencies or had to travel to a phone to seek help. Today, cell phones save lives by providing us to respond immediately to an emergency. For example, we can dial emergency numbers, such as 911, if we encounter a car accident, flat tire, or home invasion. So, to imagine one’s life without a cell phone would be inconvenient and unsafe. We no longer have to search for a pay phone or rely on a corded phone. We simply use our portable cell phone at any place and time in the United States. This technology device is convenient for making an emergency call which may save a life.
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