Celebrity Endorecement

Topics: Brand, Advertising, Marketing Pages: 18 (4357 words) Published: December 30, 2012
European Journal of Social Sciences
ISSN 1450-2267 Vol.29 No.3 (2012), pp. 405-412
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A Study on Consumer Buying Behaviour on Celebrity
Endorsement and Brand Building of Automobile Industry in
Tamil Nadu, India
Annadurai Pughazhendi
Research Scholar , PSG Institute of Management (PSG College of Technology) Coimbatore, India
D. Sudharani Ravindran
Professor, PSG Institute of Management (PSG College of Technology) Coimbatore, India
The study aims to investigate “Consumer buying behaviour on celebrity endorsement and brand building in automobile industry”. This study is celebrity endorsement acts as a source of brand-building and has impact over the purchasing behavior of customers in case of automobiles. The purpose of the study is (1) to identify the influence of celebrity endorsement on consumer buying behaviour. (2) To study celebrity endorsement as a sources of brand building. (3) To find which type of celebrity personal is more effective. The result of the study it was found that brand name and celebrity endorser are the two key factors that play an important role in affecting purchase intention. Majority of the people want to see their favorite celebrity endorsing their brands.

Keywords: Consumer buying behaviour, Celebrity endorsement, Brand building, Automobile

Businesses have long sought to distract and attract the attention of potential customers that live in a world of ever-increasing commercial bombardment. Everyday consumers are exposed to thousands of voices and images in magazines, newspapers, and on billboards, websites, radio and television. Every brand attempts to steal at least a fraction of an unsuspecting person's time to inform him or her of the amazing and different attributes of the product at hand. Because of the constant media saturation that most people experience daily, they eventually become numb to the standard marketing techniques. The challenge of the marketer is to find a hook that will hold the subject's attention. Also from a marketing communications (marcoms) perspective, it is vital that firms design strategies that help to underpin competitive differential advantage for the firm's product or services. Accordingly, marcoms activities back-up other elements in the marketing mix such as designing, branding, packaging, pricing, and place The term Celebrity refers to an individual who is known to the public (actor, sports figure, entertainer, etc.) for his or her achievements in areas other than that of the product class endorsed (Friedman and Friedman, 1979). This is true for classic forms of celebrities, like actors (e.g., Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee Aamir Khan and PierceBrosnan), models (e.g., Mallaika Arora, Lisa Ray, Aishwarya Rai, Naomi Campbell, Gisele Buendchen, etc), sports figures (e.g., Sachin 405

European Journal of Social Sciences – Volume 29, Number 3(2012) Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan, Sourav Ganguly, Anna Kournikova, Michael Schumacher, Steve Waugh, etc), entertainers (e.g., Cyrus Broacha, Oprah Winfrey, Conan O'Brien), and pop-stars (e.g., Madonna, David Bowie) -but also for less obvious groups like businessmen (e.g., Donald Trump, Bill Gates) or politicians. Celebrities appear in public in different ways. First, they appear in public when fulfilling their profession, e.g., Vishwanathan Anand, who plays chess in front of an audience. Furthermore, celebrities appear in public by attending special celebrity events, e.g., award ceremonies, inaugurations or world premieres of movies. In addition, they are present in news, fashion magazines, and tabloids, which provide second source information on events and the 'private life' of celebrities through massmedia channels (e.g., Smriti Irani being regularly featured in various publications). Last but not least, celebrities act as spokes-people in advertising to promote products and services,...
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