Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsements for Non-Profit Organization

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RBUS2900 Business Research Methods Assignment 2B Tutorial report

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RBUS2900 Business Research Method Assignment 2 Part B


Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsements
For Non-Profit Organization
James Jun Qiang Low Ng Han Siong Derrick Bram Wijaya Peng Yang Cheng 5/28/2012

This is a research plan on how different celebrity related factors influence donor/volunteer perceptions of the non-profit organization endorsed.

RBUS2900 Business Research Method Assignment 2 Part B

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This proposal is written to address the concerns of PeTA in investigating the effect that celebrity endorsers have on the organisation that they endorse. In particular, three aspects of the celebrity will be analysed. Firstly, due to the high number of advertisement used by PeTA that feature near nude celebrities, this paper will analyse how does the physical attractiveness of a celebrity influence a consumer’s perception of the organisation. Secondly, as many of these celebrities are seen to endorse multiple brands, it would be beneficial for PeTA to study how does over endorsement influence the perception consumers have of PeTA. Lastly, it is proposed that should consumers perceive that celebrities are being paid for their work endorsing PeTA, it would lead to a negative effect on the perception of the organisation. It is also proposed that age, gender and education level will each have a moderating effect on the relationship that exist between each variable and the perception of PeTA. Based on the research objective, it is proposed that the most suitable research method is a pretest-posttest control group experiment whereby negative information about a celebrity’s over endorsement and income from the endorsement will be controlled and provided and the effects of this information will be analysed. This method was chosen as it allows for an isolation of the subjects into specifically just experiencing the experimental conditions. A control group allows for a more accurate detection of changes. Respondents will be selected via simple random sampling from a telephone book used as a sampling frame. The results of the experiment will then be tested using SPSS. Specifically, descriptive statistics, factor analysis, paired samples t-test and multiple regression analysis will be utilised to produce the results. Due to the need to establish cause-and-effect in...
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