Celebrities Are Bad Role Models

Topics: Celebrity, Amy Winehouse, Believe Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Celebrities are bad role models
Do celebrities make bad role models? I believe they do. Kids see celebrities in the news everyday and mimic what they do, thinking that they should be like them. But that is wrong. Most celebrities don’t know what they are doing in their life because they have a hard time telling reality from fantasy. They are like you and me, but people think that they are more than that. Most magazines and movies have pictures/videos of airbrushed celebrities and when teenager look at these they start believing that looking like how celebrities do is the only way to be popular and loved. When girls look at people like Selena Gomez and Taylor swift, they see extremely skinny women that they think are perfect, therefore thin equals gorgeous and healthy equals fat and ugly. Teenage girls are obsessed with the way they look and feel as though if they're not malnourished and caked in makeup, they're disgusting and hideous. This is extremely unfair because young girls do not understand how much airbrushing was done to the photos or video and how many hours go in trying to make them look perfect . A survey recently published in UK newspaper ‘the Guardian’ found that 82 per cent of young British adults believed the country’s celebrity culture has created "unachievable role models" that damaged their self-esteem.” Today, an estimated 8 million Americans suffer from an eating disorders, and the main reason for this, the source explains, is due to the way celebrities are presented to us, whether through billboards or milk cartons. Celebrities not only have a negative influence on the appearance and personality of fans but also on their health. With superstars like amy winehouse taking insane amounts of drugs and dieing just a few months ago, and Lindsey lohan being admitted into rehab centres several times, even in movie stars lighting up their cigarettes on screen, there has to be some effect on their admirers. 88% to 92% of the top twenty-five box hits...
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