Visual Entertainment

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  • Published : June 24, 2012
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Visual Entertainment

American culture has been shaped and influence by visual entertainment in so many ways. Celebrities influence our society every day. In this society celebrities have a large impact on people life. From cars to fashion trends, the way they live, their attractiveness of a celebrity lifestyle, can influence a person behavior and their beliefs. Celebrities even have this weight loss thing going on, as if it’s not ok to be overweight. This often starts at an early age in a kid’s life. My oldest niece is 10 years old and she wants to be like ever young star she sees on TV. She always tells me she can’t eat too much because she doesn’t want to gain too much weight. It’s crazy because she actually sits at the table and pretends as if she isn’t really hungry. She chooses to imitate Hannah Montana. She love her she look up to her as an idol. As a child I looked up to celebrities because they all had big money. Any celebrity you know has a nice car, house, and job. Jennifer Hudson has this commercial for weight watcher where it shows how much weight she has loss. It has gotten me to the point where I want to try losing some weight. The way the celebrities live make you want more in life. I want to make enough money so I can put my boys through college and live comfortable lives were I want have to work all my life. Celebrities influence society in a good and bad way it all depends on how you were raise and were you want to go in life. Like my mother always told her girls “It’s not where you come from in life it were you want to go in life”. In some ways it influences children in a bad way, when they have different movies of artists acting out in a ghetto movie. Some artist plays the dope dealer or the gang banger in a movie. My son love movies like that for some odd reason this type of action gets their attentions. Every time I see him looking at a gangster movie I tell him to turn the TV and put on some cartoon. He...
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