Ceasefire - Gang Violence

Topics: Separation of powers, Supreme Court of the United States, Judiciary Pages: 3 (1067 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Gang violence

This report will be discussing the topic “gang violence in the world”. Within this report I will be talking about how gang violence affects a country, communities and families. I will also discuss how not only is it dangerous for gang members but how gangs are making it unsafe for everyone else within the community. I have chosen to discuss gang violence because not only do I find the topic interesting but would like to open discussion on what happens within the gangs themselves and clubhouses that the gangs belong too. I have also chosen this topic because when I think about gangs I think about things like shoot outs, drugs and violence and I wander is there more to it other than the violence? Is something that goes on within the gangs that I is more than what we think, is it fair to narrow the whole gang scene on violence alone. I think people need to gather and open discussion to the possibility that not all gang activity is bad, that not all gang members are bad, and that what we believe about gangs to be fact and true without opening our minds could be just a small factor of gang life. Through this report I hope to get you all thinking and talking about the issue of gangs in society and what we as a community can do to make a difference. How can we make the streets cleaner, safer and a better place for everyone including the gang members.

Gang violence occurs in all countries all over the world, it happens everywhere whether it is very minimal gang violence or a lot. Some countries/cities that have a lot of gang violence are; Rio de Janeiro, New Zealand, Orange county, London, El Salvador, Moscow, St Louis, South Africa, Jamaica, Poland, Columbia, East Timor, Liverpool, Los Angeles, Bulgaria, Belize and Kenya just to name a few. In this report I will be focusing on gang violence in America.

The government of the United States is based on a written constitution. This constitution consists of a Preamble, seven articles and...
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