Crime and Chicano Youth Gangs

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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A Study of Uprising Gangs in Americas Inner Cities

A Senior Thesis Proposal
Presented to
Senior Seminar
University of Central Missouri

Bachelor of Science

By Aloni Benson

Senior Thesis Proposal
Title: A study of Uprising gangs in Americas Inner Cities occurring during the 1990’s till Now Statement of the Problem:
i. Purpose of the study
A. Explain the influence of uprising gang conflict.
B. Compare the trends of Gang violence over decades.
C. Uncover reason why gangs are growing at an alarming rate II. Need for the study
A. insufficient data on the Macro study of gangs
B. Data is needed for law enforcement to know how to control the growth rate of gangs.

I. The Purpose of this study is to explain the uprising of gangs in Americas inner cities II. The study will focus on the following research questions. A. What are influences of Gangs in Americas?

B. Is the trend of gang Violence different from the early 1990’s till Present? C. What will it take to control Gangs in America?
III. Research Question 1

The influences of Gangs will be characterized by the following guideline: A. Number of Gangs in America
B. Founder of Gangs
C. Different types of gangs
D. Gangs vs. social groups

IV. Research Question 2
Trends of Gang Violence from the early 1990’s till present will be characterized by: A. Differential between drug and violent offenses compared between the 90’s and Present B. Number of crimes committed within a group

C. Number repeated crimes committed within a year to year basis

V. Research Question 3
Controlling gangs in America will be characterized by the following terms a. Different from gangs in the 1990’s and Present
b. Differential between violence offenses in the 1990’s till Present c. Recidivism Rates between 1990’s and Present
VI. Sample
The study of gangs are reported every year to the F.B.I...
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