Causes of Ww1

Topics: World War I, World War II, Treaty of Versailles Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: March 1, 2013
The Causes of WW1
* WW1 is known as the great war
* There were preexisting tensions between France and Germany * 1 of the main causes of WW1 Nationalism, Nationalism is defined as the desire of people with similar cultures to have their own independent countries it is identified by intense devotion to one’s culture or nation. Do not confuse nationalism with patriotism. * Militarism, Militarism means the development of armed forces and using them as a tool of diplomacy * 1914 protest broke out in bosnia archduke franz Ferdinand was shot and killed * Alliances were another cause of WW1. Serbia went to Russia Austria went to Germany Russia ran to france then france went to Britain and the U.S was neutral * Germany used unrestricted submarine warfare the Lusitania was sunk by submarine over 1000 was killed, 128 americans were killed and the U.S became involved in WW1. * Germany tried to stop the U.S by sending a letter to Mexico to have a war with the U.S * April 2 1917 Congress declared war on Germany

* 2 million American men lept on the continent confident fresh and ready to attack the german army November 11 1918 a cease fire was signed * Versailles treaty said nine new nations were established in Europe including Poland Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia * Germany was not aloud to have an army

* Germany had to give Alsace and Lorraine back to france and pay them a huge amount of reperations money paid to repair war damage * The war guilt clause forced Germany to admit that WW1 was their fault and only their fault humiliating and angering the german people. * 22 million people were killed

* The war cost the nations involed and estimated 338 billion * An entire generation of europian young men were dead or destroyed * An angry and humiliated Germany would start WW2 about 20 years later * The league of nations was started as a world police force it failed * With men gone woman took factory jobs In return...
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