Why Was the Treaty of Versailles so Unpopular in Germany?

Topics: Treaty of Versailles, World War I, World War II Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Why was the Treaty of Versailles so unpopular in Germany?
The Treaty of Versailles was the peace treaty that was drawn up by the Allies and Germany after the First World War. It was made to prevent Germany from starting a war again and to pay back the Allies for the money they had spent. The Germans had hoped that the Allies would treat them fairly in the negotiations for the treaty, but the Allies, in particular France, believed that Germany should be brought to its knees. France was not as satisfied as it would have liked, because Woodrow Wilson, who stood for America in the peace conferences, wanted those in power in Germany to be punished, rather than the German people. In the end, the treaty stated that Germany had to pay £6000,600,000,000 in reparations, they lost a lot of land (including the Ruhr Valley), they were stripped of their aircraft and air force, they only had six battleships and nothing else, they had no modern weapons, and they were only allowed 100,000 soldiers. The western part of Germany called the Rhineland was de-militarized (taken over by British and French troops and controlled by the Allies). Finally, Germany was made to accept that they were the ones who started the war. The Germans hated the treaty. They believed that they had been shamed globally, and they were humiliated. Germany had always been well known for having a strong army, and now they had only 100,000 soldiers, no modern weapons, only 6 battleships, and no navy or air force. The thousands of soldiers that were simply sent home from the Western Front were now unemployed, living in a country that was becoming poorer by the day, and wanted revenge. They believed that Germany could have won the war, but the new democratic government had taken their chance. They also stated that the country would be powerless against the smallest of nations. The Germans were also furious about the various terms of the Treaty. They hated Clause 231 – the ‘War Guilt’ clause – which stated that...
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