Cause & Effect

Topics: Management, Causality, Employment Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: June 1, 2011
Essay 3: cause/effect essay
The cause and effect of internet on the business
The internet, this great invention that leads our world these days, is taking a great place in our daily life. Social networks, blogs, and wikis is a few example of what the internet network include. In managerial perspectives, a lot of research found that the internet is the key role in business world. It has a lot of cause and effect on the strategies of the companies. It is the mean to the company for competing in the market, gaining competitive advantage in the mind of the customers, and organizing the company structure in general. Recent research reveals that, the increased number of employee in companies is lead to a great conflict in their task. So that, the first cause of using internet network inside the companies is to organize the employee task, making sure that everyone complete his/her job, and increased the degree of controlling the employee by their top managers. Companies can do all that by using work flow system leading by intranet connecting inside the company.

Although, increased number of employee is one of the causes using internet in business, On the other hand, there are a lot of another causes justify using it. For example, increasing competition in market and the want of companies to be market leader is a great issue in new business world. The first cause of using internet in business is the increase of competition. It is one of the threats the make weak companies close. By applying internet inside firms, the managers will integrate the work of all its' employee. That will result in gaining competitive advantage, increase productivity of employee, and earn more profits. So that it will make the company that do this entire thing, one of the strongest company in the market. The second cause is information overload. Imagine that when any employee inside the company needs any information, he/she is search in large...
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