Cause and Effect

Topics: Birth control, Pregnancy, Federal government of the United States Pages: 4 (984 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Elizabeth Johnson
Camilla Lofving
ENGL 100-19
05 December, 2012

Since the birth (no pun intended) of the organization, Planned Parenthood and Family Planning facilities have been encouraging the idea of having a safe and knowledgable sex life. Whether it be STD screenings, access to free or affordable birth control, or counseling, their goal is simple. Planned Parenthood is a safe haven for teens and adults to get answers, help, and support. Now, imagine a country without Planned Parenthood. Dream up a life where women have no access to birth control, and men have no idea whether their strange red bumps are herpes or just a rash.

As Victoria Pynchon so eloquently put it, “...I didn’t go to Planned Parenthood with my Advanced Placement girlfriends to have an abortion. I went to Planned Parenthood to avoid having an abortion.” Pynchon wrote an article for Forbes’ online magazine segment called “She Negotiates,” in which she explains the importance of Planned Parenthood in society. She also tells the reader what might have happened had she not taken her sex life into her own hands. At a salary of a whopping $120/month in 1971, motherhood is not an option. So why are these women chastised for taking the responsible route? Pynchon claims, “Defund Planned Parenthood and I guarantee you that you will see Women in Revolt one more time.”

As many have heard during the 2012 Presidential election, the Republican party doesn’t care much for Women’s Rights (or health, for that matter). For the most part, Republicans in office have taken stances against Family Planning because of their religious points of view. Those who show a religious aversion to abortion also claim that sex before wedlock is a sin, and rape is sometimes illegitimate. Republicans want to see funding for Planned Parenthood cut primarily to deter abortion. Arizona Senator Jon Kyl makes the bold claim that, “well over 90% of what Planned Parenthood does” is provide abortion services to women. In a...
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