Civil Rights & Internet Monitoring

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Civil Rights and Internet Monitoring

What is internet monitoring?
It consists of computer programs that are used to detect the internet activity of computers it located to. Many a places have been suppressed by governments not giving the people a right to view what they want on the internet. Some say the internet is a human right. Others say it is a privilege and should be watched over and scrutinized by the government and businesses for people at work. Many respected internet monitoring software does many of the same things. It will keep a stored log of all of the sites visited by the user. It may also capture screenshots from some disallowed sites which then can be viewed by the person monitoring the computer(s). It will keep a record of all instant messaging conversations that have been held, also logging in the times to go along with them. A supervisor can set up a work station to capture and display the contents of a person’s monitor in real time, this is called screen monitoring.

It is meant by analysing of traffic on the internet. Monitoring of the internet is achieved to determine packet volume for network configuration as well as to find out how personnel are spending their time on the internet.

The pros for internet monitoring for businesses are:
* Higher employee productivity – since the employees would be aware of the internet monitoring, they will be more unlikely to use the internet for personal use and become distracted. * Increase in security – With this, employees would not go onto malicious websites and obtain viruses or trojans. It would prove cheaper to buy than anti-virus software. * Proper internet use – employees would never abuse their internet privilege again. The pros for internet monitoring for families are:

* Have knowledge about what your child views – Your child may come across something that is unsuitable for their age and could in fact traumatise them if viewed. * An increase of...
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