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Topics: Hotel, Advertising, Attraction Pages: 6 (1140 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Lyceum of the Philippines University
Intramuros, Manila

The Role of the Hotel Advertisements in Attracting
Local and Foreign Tourists

A Research Proposal
Submitted by:

Submitted to:

William Espinosa

March 2013
Lyceum of the Philippines University
Intramuros, Manila

This research proposal entitled “The Role of the Hotel Advertisements in Attracting Local and Foreign Tourists” has been submitted by Lyreen Ashley L. Gamoso for approval.

Approved this of March 2013.

Research Faculty


This research entitled The Role of the Hotel Advertisements in Attracting Local and Foreign Tourists is about how Hotel Advertisements attract their tourists to visit or come to their hotel. Hotel Advertisements has a big role in attracting the tourists, because with Hotel Advertisements, tourist can easily find the type of hotel they want to check-in with. This research talks about the strategy and methods the Hotel Advertisements will use in order to attract the tourists.

One of the methods that Hotel Advertisement needs to develop is having well communicating. Having good communication makes the guests more interested on what the Hotel Advertisement discussed.

It is more difficult for the hotel to obtain their methods in advertising but they need to continue giving more interesting information about their hotel.


Alternative Hypothesis
The Hotel Advertisements perceived that attracting tourists helps them to gain more clients and benefits its own hotel for being known because of the interesting attraction they give.

Null Hypothesis
The Hotel Advertisements do not perceive that attracting tourists helps them to gain more clients because some of the tourists is not interested in that type of hotel.

The Role of Hotel Advertisement in Attracting both Local and Foreign Tourists Research Problem:
What will the Hotel Advertisement do to attract Local and Foreign Tourists? Objectives:
* To know how the various Hotel Advertisements promote its hotel and help in attracting tourists * To evaluate the effectiveness of hotel advertisements
* To identify the role and uses of the hotel advertisements Significance of the study
The importance of this study is to give brief description about hotel advertisements, on how they attract its tourists in various ways.
It is through an effective advertisement that we can have a primary contact with the customers. We need to understand that advertisement is the best opportunity to talk to the clients, how your hotel services can satisfy their needs.

Our main goal is to capture the buyer’s mind otherwise you won’t capture his money. The main focus of our advertisement is should be on the buyer.

Scope and Limitations
This research is useful for the hotel advertisements. It will help the management to create new ideas for attraction for them to have good tourists. 75% of the tourists have agreed that local and foreign tourists have different likes in hotel, and 25% of the tourists are satisfied with hotel’s services.

Related Literature
Local Literature
This research study deals with different hotel advertisements that are most commonly used in attracting both local and foreign tourists.
The researchers provide readers with information with regards to the advertisements that are available in the present time. The research team also provide some information regarding the current trends in the advertising industry.

The data necessary for the study were gathered by the researchers through conducting a survey among local and foreign tourist that are currently checked- in in hotels.
The data were then tabulated and the percentage of the respondents to each question is computed. Based on these data, the researchers found out that there are differences between the preferences of the local and foreign tourists.

Foreign Literature
Self- management competency...
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