Case 2: the Hr Function of Harrison Brothers Corp.. Corp.

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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If advertisers use authoritative executional framework, experts like dentist, engineer, chemist and nurse act in advertisements. They tell product’s benefits, they can show evidence survey results and independent test results and these have a positive effect on consumers. In our advertising, expert tells Calgon’s benefits for washing machine. He says Calgon provides maximum protection for her machine and family. Its slogan is “washing machines live longer with Calgon”. Demonstration

Demonstration executional framework shows product’s working. For example, in our example, scientist gives information about struggle with wrinkles on the skin. However, a man is coming, taking the white coat and starts to iron the coat. He shows how wrinkles are ironed out on the coat. Fantasy

Fantasy advertisements are designed to lift the audience beyond the real world to a make-believe experience. Most common fantasy advertisements involve sex, love and romance. We used KFC advertising. An old woman is watching outside and children are eating KFC outside. Her husband comes and they start to dance romantically and they get younger gradually. After that, they lie on the bed as children. Informative

Informative advertisements give information to consumers in a direct manner. These advertisements are generally used on the radios. They are less popular on television because they can be boring on television and consumers don’t watch advertisements and they can ignore them. Our advertisement is a radio advertisement and information is given about a restaurant in the advertisement. He says why people come to this restaurant. He mentions about restaurant’s atmosphere, foods and different specialities.
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