Macau Tourism Analysis

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Macau is one of an interesting destination of China that has special administrative regions of China. It is located on the western side of the Pearl River Delta and face to the South China Sea to the east and south. Macau is a place where existing two cultures of Euro-Asian cultural heritage attract tourists from all over the world. Macau is known as a destination where provides entertainments for tourists such as theme parks, nightclubs and shopping experiences, casino. In addition, it owns superior MICE facilities to cater for business travel segments. This article will identify the communication objectives of Macau and through it to run the advertising campaign “Macau, city with full of experience” as well as using the different tools of media and promotion to promote to travel leisure and business travel tourists to achieve the objectives such enhance the general sales, create the customer’ awareness and increase more value for Macau image Communication objectives:

According to Belch (2012), setting an objective is an integral part of planning process which will bring the impact on the promotional planning and can measure the effectiveness. The major function of objective is to enhance the general sales, create the customer’s awareness and increase more value of Macau image. The good objectives are including specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound (Belch, 2012) (Appendix 1). Communication process:

The communication process could be used the symbols and picture to represent the message to deliver to the receivers (Williams, 2010). Moreover, the communication process is very important to choose a communicator who can be receiver perceived as knowledgeable and related to the destination in tourism marketing (William, 2010). The source of communication for Macau travel destination is the colorful lotus (Appendix 2). It shows that the attractive of Macau such as the harmony between ancient and modern culture, interesting entertainment activities and good service’s quality for business in Macau. The lotus’ symbol will create the positive emotional to customers. Through the sources of communication, we also can run a campaign is “Macau, city with full of experience” to promote Macau’s image.

Promotional Mix
Promotional mix is used to communicate effectively the benefits of the products or services to their customers. It is very important for the marketers to market product through using of advertising, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling and public relations. The effective communication to the tourists is vital to ensure the business generates sales and profits. Tivi advertisement:

The use of tivi advertisement will reach the board of audiences through using the story boards for TV commercials. It includes both of segments uch as travel leisure (Appendix 3) and business travel (Appendix 4) Newspaper advertising:

Newspaper is a medium have high coverage, low costs and short time to place the advertisement (Barrow, 2005). Reading newspaper is everybody’s habit, they read newspaper everywhere include office, school, train, bus. The newspaper can be easily distribute in everywhere such as train, plaza, road. Through newspaper (China daily, GuangZhou daily, Guangdong News for target of Chinese tourism and USA Today, New York Times for global, Krone for [Australia]), we can post a picture of Macau in evening with full of entertainment and activities to attract the people who are seeking for travel leisure. The advertisement will be shown during the summer time, people are looking for travel destination or business meeting will be got the attention when they read this advertising. Otherwise, we also provide information of Macau services such as pictures of facilities, convenience meeting room and hotels. Magazines advertising:

National geographic magazine, business week magazine and the economist magazine are selling magazine in the world with over 2 million people...
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