The Impact of Wow Philippines and Its Contribution in the Philippines as Perceived by Foreign and Local Travellers

Topics: Tourism, Sociology, Media studies Pages: 6 (1717 words) Published: February 5, 2011

A Dissertation Proposal submitted to the
Faculty of the Graduate School of the
Colegio San Agustin Binan, Laguna

In the Fulfilment of the Requirements
For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Tourism

March 2012

Chapter 1
1.1 Background of the Study

Tourism slogan is one of the important things that can help to promote the tourism industry that could attract more tourists in the country. Such a strong packaging phrase would make the country more attractive for tourists and investors to come and invest in the country then it will be the country’s brand and trademark. The uses and advantages of a tourism slogan help to developed a tourism product which is the tourist destination and its tourist attraction that can be visited by the tourists and they would keep coming back to see how beautiful the country was that they would even tell it to their friends and relative. One of its advantage is it should be in English language that everyone could understand it. It is also can be classified into positioning slogan and marketing that used to express tourism image. And it advertised the product of a country which is the tourist attractions. The catchy phrases that serve as advertising slogans are considered to be one of the most effective ways of drawing attention to a product from potential customers.

A successful slogan makes its target audience feel good, or builds desire for a specific product or service. Advertising slogans also can become familiar to an audience over time, an art known as branding, if Philippines were treated as brand. For instance, Malaysia sells its diversity so it markets itself as “Truly Asia”. They should have done a detailed consumer research. If the slogan is not in English, it is worthless if they are targeting foreign markets, it was intended for foreign tourists. Almost all slogans are in English like for example: Incredible India, Malaysia Truly Asia as English is the most widely spoken in the world, and the Philippines should have taken note of that. The slogan should be understand by all including the foreign travellers because they are really seeking a destination where they can really enjoy their stay and it could happen that they choose Philippines to their one of the tourist destination knowing that the tourists target market is a foreign tourists. Having a Tagalog slogan is like after inviting local only. WOW means many beautiful things about Philippines. It promotes to be a country of wonders that Filipinos can be proud of and natural beauty that even man’s creation cannot match. Philippine tourism slogans should be enticing of wonderful memories in exotic destinations that it is easy to remember. It should be bring to mind the emotions or memories to encourage those who already visited the Philippines to visit again. When making a slogan, first is to think that will be the target audience then research and think of something that leaves a trademark to a tourist. Before presenting it to public, be sure that it is consulted so that it won’t be criticized. Be creative enough, simple but catchy, more striking or even caught the attention of people that makes them interested and be curious to what is it all about and tourists will come in the country and experience its beauty. A slogan helps to increase the image of tourism industry that has an international impact to attract more tourists.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
The present study is aimed at presenting a tourism slogan that can help to reinvigorate the country’s tourism campaign and double tourist arrivals within the next three years and also to promote the country and how people would react about Pilipinas Kay Ganda slogan. Specifically, it aimed at answering the following question: 1. What is the...
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