Caterpillar's Views on Ethics and Sustainability

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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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Caterpillar’s Views on Ethics and Sustainability

Caterpillar, Inc. is indeed one of the World’s most Ethical companies. In 2011 it was listed in Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical (WME) Companies under Industrial Manufacturing. Personal Ethics
Caterpillar has a worldwide Code of Conduct. The values it stresses are integrity, excellence, teamwork, commitment. They understand the importance of diversity and strive to achieve all of the above values given a diverse world environment and despite their differences. They feel that compliance within the laws are not sufficient. They want be leaders in ethics. They require all leaders within the company to be a role model and follow all of the rules with the Worldwide Code of Conduct. They are known to have a value-based culture. They are honest and refuse to make any “improper payments” of any sort. Ethics within the Supply Chain

Caterpillar says in their Worldwide Code of Conduct that they “seek strong, mutually rewarding business relationships with suppliers who enhance the value of our products and services through close collaboration throughout the entire life cycle. We view suppliers as extensions of our company and an essential part of our extended value chain. We look for suppliers and business allies who demonstrate strong values and ethical principles and who support our commitment to quality. We avoid those who violate the law or fail to comply with the sound business practices we embrace. No supplier is required to buy Caterpillar products in order to compete for business or to continue as a supplier. We do reserve the right, consistent with applicable law, to require suppliers to use Caterpillar equipment when performing work on Caterpillar premises and where Caterpillar offers a product appropriate for the work being performed. We encourage fair competition among our potential suppliers, contractors and other vendors, and work equitably and reasonably with all”. Ethical Behavior Regarding the...
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