Bus 210 Week 3 Code of Ethics

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Cat Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: August 5, 2012
Ethical Code of Conduct
Debra A. Winters
July 25, 2012
Michael Johnson

Ethical Code of Conduct
Boulder Bengals Kittens and Cats Cattery
This code of conduct guides the ethical business behavior practices of all persons and employees of Boulder Bengals. The code not only describes how we do business, but also defines the responsibility for each and every one of us in protecting our business reputation, and our reputation as ethical and responsible cat breeders. I. Comply with local, state and national laws and regulations. Boulder Bengals will abide by local, state, federal and tax laws regarding the sales and transport of exotic Bengal kittens and cats. We operate within the law of Boulder County and Colorado, report income and pay taxes and ship or transport animals with appropriate travel documents and vaccinations. II. Comply with the standards of ethical breeders as defined by The International Cat Association (TICA) of which we are registered as ethical breeders. TICA provides guidelines for operating a feline breeding facility in an ethical manner. Not abiding by these code of ethics will diminish the reputation of our cattery not only with customers, but also other breeders. III. The health, care and well-being of every Boulder Bengals animal is top priority, even over sales and profit. Animals are kept in clean quarters with water and food provided in clean containers daily. Cat boxes are attended to daily. Professional veterinarians provide health services and vaccinations regularly. Mistreatment of lack of care of our animals is not only unthinkable to us, selling ill animals or animals that are afraid of people due to mistreatment would seriously affect our good reputation and could result in our cats being confiscated. It is Boulder Bengals opinion that each and every kitten or cat is our responsibility not just to feed, but also to love so that we sell physically and emotionally healthy pets to deserving families....
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