Catering Business Plan

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Beli Fire

Business Plan
Prepared November 19, 2012

Contact Information
Meagan Lydon
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Organizational Vision3
Description of Legal entity and ownership 3
Start Up Performance Table4

Company Summary5
Mission Statement5
Keys to Success5

Strategy and Implementation
Marketing Plan6
Contingency Plan8
Measurement and Tracking11
Evaluation and Follow-up12

Financial Plan
Break Even Analysis13
Profits and Loss Statement15
Personal Plan16

Start-up Summary4
Break Even Analysis13
Profits and Loss Statement15
Personnel Table17
Executive Summary

1. To create a service based company with a primary goal to bring back healthy meals to Americans dinner tables. 2. To increase client database by 25 percent each year for at least the first four years. 3. To earn enough cash flow to pay all salaries as well as grow the business. 4. To create a large enough customer database / profitable income to upgrade and buy a kitchen space / office front for business. Organizational Vision

At Beli Fire our vision is to exceed customer expectation, as well as to be one of the leading catering service in the local area.

Description of Legal entity and ownership

Beli Fire is a sole proprietorship owned by Meagan Lydon.

Start-up Performance Table

Beli Fire will incur the following start-up costs:

* Rent (for a commercial kitchen until it is decided to buy a storefront with its own kitchen) * Food and packaging Supplies
* Advertising
* Legal Licensing and Health department permits
* One Van with ramp and rolling racks (allows for food to be stored on rack while out for delivery) * Insurance
* Employees benefits, salary, taxes, and overtime
* Company Laptop with printer
* Company Cell Phone

Beli Fire Catering |
Start-up Summary|
Start Up Requirements:| |
Start-up Expenses|  |
Rent (Commercial Kitchen)| $1,600 |
Advertising| $500 |
Delivery Van Loan| $5,000 |
Food Supplies| $2,000 |
Telephone| $400 |
All other salaries and wages| $2,000 |
Insurance| $250 |
Legal (Licensing and Health Permits)| $300 |
Total Start Up Expenses| $12,050 |
Start-up Assets|  |
Cash Required| $25,000 |
Other Current Assets| $0 |
Long-term Assets| $37,800 |
Total Assets| $62,800 |
Total Requirements| $74,850 |
| |
Start-up Funding:| |
Start-up Expenses to Fund| $12,050 |
Start-up Assets to Fund| $62,800 |
Total Funding Required| $74,850 |
Assets|  |
Long Term Assets (Van)| $37,800 |
Cash Required| $25,000 |
Cash Balance on Start Date| $25,000 |
Total Assets| $62,800 |
Liabilities|  |
Loans (Van)| $37,800 |
Accounts Payable | $0 |
Total Liabilities| $37,800 |
Capital|  |
Meagan's Investment| $75,000 |
Other| $0 |
Total Planned Investments| $75,000 |
Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses)| ($12,050)|
Total Capital| $62,800 |
Total Capital and Liabilities| $62,800 |
Total Funding| $74,850 |

Company Summary

Beli Fire is a local catering company that serves the Fox Cities area. Beli Fire strives to provide its customers with healthy homemade foods and excellent service at reasonable prices. We focus heavily on creating family meals built around the traditional American meals. Beli Fire menu options will not only provide dinner items, but also breakfast, lunch, snacks, and small party options.

Beli Fire catering serves to feed to traditional working household, when there just isn’t enough time to make healthy dinner. Most people think healthy menu options cannot include the traditional American favorites such as pasta, tacos, and even burgers; however, Meagan...
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