Goodman Fielder

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Goodman Fielder Analysis

The competition in the business environment continues to be more intense and many organizational leaders make strategic decisions concerning the company performance and its competitive position. Some alter their strategies to match the current changes in the business environment. Some also adopt the modern performance measures to keep track of the organizational performance. Therefore, this paper looks at the appropriateness of the vision and mission, the competitive advantage, non financial performance measures, corporate level strategy and the competencies and capabilities of Goodman Fielder Company. It will also look at the organizational structure and the cultural environment of the company. Finally, it will assess the academic models that can be the measure of the company’s performance. Introduction

Goodman Fielder is an Australian leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of bread and other products such as dairy products, margarine, oil, dressings, and food ingredients. The main countries in which the company operates are Australia and New Zealand. The company has a portfolio of different consumer brands and their brands cover different meal occasions which include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Vision and Mission

The company’s current vision is to be the leading food company by offering a wide range of food products, building an outstanding portfolio of local brands, developing deep knowledge and understanding of the customer needs, employing the most efficient technologies and methods of production and minimizing the costs (Goodman Fielder Annual Report, 2011). The vision is appropriate for the organization since it captures the most critical parts that drive success. The vision links the organizational success to the satisfaction of customers since the customers are essential to its progress. It also captures the issue of minimizing costs which is very vital for the success of the organization in the current economic situation. The costs are minimized by employing efficient business process.

On the other hand, the company’s mission is to meet the customers’ needs for superior quality and nutritious everyday foods with brands that are trusted by families everywhere (Goodman Fielder Annual Report, 2011). This mission is to be achieved through meeting the customers’ needs making them passionate about the company products, creating good trading relationships, realizing superior returns on the investment and fulfilling the employees’ needs. The company’s mission is equally appropriate as it focuses on meeting all stakeholders’ needs which is very essential for the organizational success. Evaluation of Competitive Advantage

The company’s success can be evaluated using non financial metrics. The company performance can be measured through customer related activities such as the customer satisfaction survey (Khan, Halabi & Khan, 2011). A survey can be conducted across the market in which Goodman Fielder operates to determine the perceived level of satisfaction that the customers get from the company’s products. The company may also observe the time customers take to respond to the company’s existing and new products in the markets. The company can also conduct a survey to determine its market share.

The company’s performance or competitive advantage can also be measured through considering the internal business processes. One of these measures is the measure of the material and labor efficiency variances (Khan, Halabi & Khan, 2011). In cases where there is negative variance, that is, the actual costs are higher than the standard costs; the company should review its internal processes. Another measure is improvement and reengineering that the company is putting in place (Khan, Halabi & Khan, 2011). The company’s competitive advantage can also be measured through the number of...
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