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1. How did the management of Grand Targhee create a service culture? What does the book say about customer service? The management of Grand Targhee resort analyzed their guests’ needs, wants and their behavioral patterns and concluded that the guests didn’t want riding lessons, but instead they wanted to enjoy being on a horse. The management changed the program to accommodate their guests’ wishes. Another break through in their service culture was a discovery made by the University of Idaho survey that “100% of the people who had taken lessons at Targhee’s ski school planned on returning, while less than half who had not taken lessons were willing to come back.” The human factor - connecting with other people during the training course and after it – developing friendships and getting used to the environment was criteria that made the customers want to come back to the resort. 2. How does fun relate to establishing a service culture? (any comments from the book)? Targhee’s management by means of comparison of children programs were driven to use the fun factor as one of the major means to reach their customers’ satisfaction and to get their repeat business. All the employees of the resort were involved in this project: beginning with the parking lot attendants to the ski patrol. Each department was graded on its performance, their guest satisfaction was accounting for a large portion of the rating. What changes were made? To make themselves more visible they had lunches with guests, gave demonstrations with their avalanche dog; they were striving to work more efficiently by donating bright orange vests, establishing series of hand signals, and being friendly with their customers.

3. What product did Grand Targhee focus on to create interaction between the guests and employees? Why was this product successful? Customized options are another. Finding out what people want to accomplish. Rather than worrying about what they do with their feet or...
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