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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Case Study 8

1. What are SMPR’s data communication needs?

Much greater integration of their technology and improved communication between branch offices

2. Based on the information provided, do you foresee any significant problems in integrating and coordination the needed networks? If so, what are they?

Yes, the problem is that not all the information will be together at the beginning of this operation and all the managers would be jealous and mad if they did not to go first.

3. What skills do you think should be included in a job description for SMPR’s new corporate networking technology manager?

• Multiple network connections

• Computer hardware

• Computer wiring

4. How much do you think the owner of a business like SMPR needs to know about data communications? Detailed information? General information? Justify your answer.

I think that the owner does need to know a medium amount of knowledge because he needs to be able to handle things wisely. What you know is what you can do.

ALO T of detailed information needs to know by the owner so that if anything goes out of hand he can fix the overall problem. Even the general information is very important, everything is key to know for the owner. He can distribute the information to his peers and managers.

5. Mr. Sheehan is also contemplating the creation of a mission statement for his organization that would describe how SMPR uses client data. List three things you believe should be addressed by such a statement.

• What they do (Improve!)

• How fast they do (When they saw the problem and had the funds)

• Why they do it (to better their customers and themselves)
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