Case Study: C-Direct Company Insurance

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C-Direct Insurance Company was established since six years ago and it is specialized in selling car insurance. The company has its call centre in Newcastle, England. Mr Small the Operations manager is responsible for all operations in the Call Centre. The call centre employs 105 people in 3 shifts over a core day between the hours of 0800 and 2000. Nowadays, C-Direct Company faced a lot of competitors and the company got low profit within a year. It is because, not only of competitors but also need to change the company policy included staff training and finding the other new service for customer.


Prepare the Project Definition Report for implementation of the policy change. This report should cover: vision, purpose (including stakeholder analysis), objectives, scope, strategy, project phases, and project organisation.


All customers will be satisfied when they contact by C-Direct Company and sales percentages will be increase year by year. All departments are supported by each others.


• To reschedule on operations management strategies

To compete with increasing number of competitor, the company should reschedule on their operations management strategies. They use call-direct to sell their insurance so that they should be more emphasized on staff at Call Centre. The company gives an intensive training to the staff so that they can handle the customers nicely.

• To increase sale percentage year by year

The company faced a lot of competitors and they got low profit within a year. So, to increase back their profit, they have to change their policy. In order to increase their sale, the company offer household insurance alongside car insurance. They offered household insurance because it is request by customers and only a few competitors offered this insurance.

• To improve the quality of services

The company should improve the quality of services on call centre, it is because the call centre plays a role to convince customers and thus increase sales percentage of their companies.

• To compete with others company

Household insurance is often requested by customers and it is only offered by a few competitors so, C-Direct-Insurance Company decided to launched household insurance and deliver in through the Call Centre. They also believed they can generate an above average profit margin in the first year after launch.

• To fulfill customers satisfaction

Call center need to respond quickly to customer and operations management need to ensure quick access to the call centre and efficient treatment of customers for both products. Call Centre also have to treat them nicely so that they will recommend the company to their friends.


• To make C-Direct Company as a leader in car insurance firm.

• All departments are supported with each others.

• Customer satisfaction is the most important to company succeed.

• Company price was minimum price offer and best customer services.


• New product launched

Before this, customers are always request household insurance and they have been disappointed not to source from C-Direct Company. The company responds to customer demand by launching a new product. It is household insurance.

• Workspace

The current workspace for a Call Centre staff member is a small area and many of them complain about it. Convenient and ergomic workspace will be build in order to make the staff feel comfortable to do their work and they can improve their performance.

• Customer services

The company should improve customer so they can compete with other competitors. They can improve in service delivery of all CD’s activities including settlement of claims so there will be no “lapse rate”. CD also uses call-direct to sell their...
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