Case Study on Ethics

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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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Identify what you consider to be potentially unethical. Why do you think it is not ethical? I believe Daryl’s decision to have the secretary and the market research interns to work on his book are unethical. The book that Daryl is supposed to be writing for one isn’t from his own words or his own research. He’s using the interns to look up information, having them use the company’s time and money to do research on a book that is basically being written and put together by the interns and the secretary. It’s great that he wants to write a book, but realistically he should be doing that on his own time, not the company’s. Especially if he wants all the credits. I don’t think it’s ethical to keep the secretary and the two interns busy, working on his personal agenda. It makes it hard on others to get their business activities done. Potently making the business look bad. It is letting the interns think it is okay to do personal things on the company’s time, leading them to bad business practices. Also, by using the company’s resources it’s costing the company money to complete his agenda. By Daryl keeping the secretary and interns busy, it’s putting a strain on others who are trying to make a business run smoothly.

Using the three ethics check questions on pages 93-94 of the Understanding Business text, describe how you would handle this situation. If I was faced with a situation like this, I would also be annoyed. But, because Daryl and I work together as general managers, I would want to maintain a friendly, working atmosphere. The first thing I would do is set up a meeting with Daryl. I would express how important it is that we use our secretary and interns for business purposes only. I would explain that if he continues to keep them busy on his project that our company could be at lost if we don’t have the adequate staff to keep the business running smoothly. Since we are general managers,...
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