Ethics Case Study

Topics: Problem solving, Ethics, Doctor Who Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: June 3, 2011

Ethic Case Study
University of Phoenix
HCS 335
January 11, 2011

“Jerry McCall is Dr. Williams’s office assistant. He has received professional training as both a medical assistant and a LPN. He is handling all the phone calls while the receptionist is at lunch. A patient calls and says he must have a prescription refill for Valium, an antidepressant medication, called in right away to his pharmacy, since he is leaving for the airport in thirty minutes. He says that Dr. Williams is a personal friend and always gives him a small supply of Valium when he has to fly. No one except Jerry is in the office at this time” (Bonnie, 2009, P. 85) Does Jerry’s medical training qualify him to issue this refill order? Why or why not? Jerry is not qualified to issue a prescription refill of Valium, being an assistant and LPN he is not qualified. The MD is the only one qualified to prescribe the patient with this refill. Even if the LPN were to contact Dr. Williams, Jerry would not be able to call in the prescription for the Doctor. Would it make a difference if the medication requested were for control of high blood pressure that the patient critically needs on a daily basis? Why or why not? It wouldn’t make a difference. Jerry’s professional credentials will not allow him to issue prescriptions. If the patient is in critical need for their prescription, Jerry must make every attempt to get a hold of Dr. Williams for the patient, so they can get their prescription filled. Once the Doctor gets back from lunch Jerry can give them the information and then the patient can get their prescription refilled. If Jerry does call in the refill and the patient has an adverse reaction to it while flying, is Jerry protected from a lawsuit under the doctrine of respondeat superior? Both Jerry and his employer may be liable for negligence (malpractice). The doctrine of respondeat superior means that if an employee commits an error,...
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