Hausser Case Study

Topics: Management, Idea, Marketing Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: October 24, 2011
What are the key issues in the Hausser case and on what would you focus? Is Jay leading his team? Is Brenda working effectively with hers? What about the system?

One key issue in this case is that Brenda seems very self absorbed. It’s all about her and her career, and this is why she doesn’t understand how to fix the problems she is facing. Jay also is an issue here as he thinks he is playing team ball when actually he is not.

The second key issue is that corporate doesn’t seem to treat it’s sales people very well and it seems the upper management, such as Brenda, don’t really understand how the teams are structured and operate. Brenda complains about not getting sales ideas from here field teams but what does she expect when they only offer an incentive of $500. She should be fighting corporate on this otherwise they will never get any ideas from their sales people. If an employee comes up with a good idea to increase sales they should be rewarded accordingly. This is another example of how corporate policy is discouraging the field sales teams from over-performing.

Brenda needs to take a more direct approach to her job. She can’t figure out how Jay’s sales team always performs well. She needs to get out into the field with the sales people and observe. She also needs to take a look at all of Jay’s accounts better. If she was more focused on her team than on herself she might realize that Jay is also selling the food to the elderly. It seems Brenda’s problems are all her own doing. If she re-focused her efforts on her district managers and sales teams she might not be getting such aggressive pressure from corporate. You build a house from the ground up, Brenda needs to use this philosophy with her teams: start with the field sales people and build a rapport with them and their district managers. If they trust her to fight for their best interests then they will do their jobs and not hold anything back.

Jay is also a big problem. Yes he should be...
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