Choosing a Successor

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Choosing a Successor

Choosing a Successor is the case about a 62-year-old administrator of the multispecialty Ambulatory Care Center named Paul. He has worked there for many years and is planning his retirement in a year. He is beginning the process of training a successor and has three possible internal candidates for the position. The Ambulatory Care Center is a medium-sized facility serving an average of 80 patients on a daily basis. There has been little growth over the past couple of years and there needs to be change in order for the Center to remain afloat. The Center has mainly served senior citizens, which is what the neighborhood around has been until now. The neighborhood is converting into more and more young families and many of young adults and school-age children. There is also an ethnicity change, with more families of Hispanic and African American origin. The method of payment is also gradually changing from Medicare and private pay to a financial base where payments are coming from a combination of group insurance, Medicaid, and cash payments. The Center is working towards being known that it can care for all ages, especially children. The addition of a specialized pediatric group to their physician base has made screening for metabolic, sickle cell, and other genetic disorders, as well as treatments for children with ADHD, autism, and Asperger’s syndrome possible.

The only problem I found in the case study is that all the candidates are internal and it leaves for no outside intelligence to potentially come in and give their advice and professional ability. This would also be the only other alternative solution to what Paul could do in trying to find the right person to replace him in a year.

I believe the best solution is to hire Felipe because of his background. The only real fault he has is his past when he went to class rather than being on the job, which just shows me dedication for getting his masters. The only other weakness is him looking for another job, but offering him this job could make him reevaluate his choices. He is Hispanic, which fits into the changing of the community as well. He is also good with people, works many hours to get done what needs done and is single so if he needs to travel, it certainly will not be a problem.

1. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. Taneshia – strengths:
* African American worked there for 3 years
* Bachelor’s degree in health administration
* A registered record administrator
* Minor in human resources management
* Increased reimbursement figures by implementing electronic medical records in her department (very good w/ tech.) * Created strong liaison with the physicians by providing them with extensive peer comparison statistics * Doctors have increased their productivity and helped increase revenue * Works whatever hours necessary to get the job done

* Pompous and opinionated
* Feels no one knows as much about the work of her department, or about computers, as she does * Tends to push her people a little too hard

Felipe – strengths:
* Hispanic
* Worked there for 5 years
* Bachelor’s in health administration
* Just finished his master’s in business administration * Has done well at his job and seen as a talented negotiator * Understands contracts and is good with people
* Has signed a number of lucrative contracts for the Center * Single with no intentions of getting married anytime soon * Works many hours of overtime and appears to be willing to go the extra mile and give the time necessary to get something done

* No employees directly reporting to him
* Is interested in moving into operations in his next healthcare job...
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