Res/351 Week 2 Business Research Ethics

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Week 2 Business Research Ethics
RES / 351
February 4, 2013

Week 2 Business Research Ethics
“It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” – Roy Disney (Nephew of Walt Disney) Ethics in business research set the standards in which researchers use to guide them; these standards build trust not just by the honesty of a researchers work but also in their integrity in the method that they use. Without ethics a researcher’s process could prove to have great ramifications. Ethical business researcher’s core value is responsibility and honesty. Researchers are aware of who all can be affected should their work not be of the highest quality. Research is used for and is relied on for such things as product safety or as a guide in a particular market. Every step that is taken in the research process begins with the information that is gathered, documented and even published so deviations may be within the law but are considered to be unethical practices. It is through research that new developments are made and may lead to better insight in things that others have already shed light and gathered information on. It is not uncommon for some researcher to teeter between what is ethical and what is considered to be unethical. A psychology professor and scientist from Harvard University by the name of Marc Hauser had crossed the line between what was ethical and what was not. In an article that the Harvard Crimson ran in early September of 2012 it stated that after a two-year federal investigation the Office of Research Integrity found this former Harvard psychology professor had doctored results of his research and was accused of six counts of research misconduct, lying about his data and misrepresenting research methods in his Harvard lab in research that the National Institute of Health supported. (Jain, Sept) Marc Hauser conducted research that involved and was primarily concentrated on animal cognition and moral psychology. Mr. Hauser found...
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