Case Study of Rhonda Clark

Topics: Kidney, Blood, Internal carotid artery Pages: 21 (4546 words) Published: June 1, 2013
1. Group A Strep is least likely to cause which of the
following complications:
a) scarlet fever
b) necrotizing faciitis
c) impetigo
d) subacute bacterial endocarditis
e) glomerulonephritis
2. Septra is used in AIDS patients to prevent which
opportunistic organism?
a) Pneumocystis carinii
b) M. tuberculosis
c) S. pneumoniae
d) CMV
e) Cryptococcus
3. Severe bloody, afebrile diarrhea is associated with what bacterial infection?
a) Salmonella infection
b) Enteroinvasive E.coli infection
c) Enterohemorrhagic E. coli infection
d) Enterotoxigenic E. coli infection
e) Giardiasis
4. Human Herpes Virus 6 is associated with what disease?
a) Infectious mononucleosis
b) CMV infection
c) Herpes Simplex infection
d) Roseola
e) Chicken Pox
5. Cat’s scratch disease is caused by what organism?
a) Leishmania spp.
b) Bartonella henselae
c) Treponema pallidum
d) Toxoplasmosa gondii
e) Ancylostoma braziliensei
6. Predictors of HIV progression include the following
a) CD4 cell count
b) plasma HIV RNA levels at set point
c) onset of HIV related symptoms
d) age at initial infection
e) method of transmission (i.e. anal intercourse versus
vaginal intercourse)
7. Protozoa are associated with all of the following except a) unicellular organism
b) produce larvae
c) do not cause eosinophilia
d) indefinite lifespan
e) mulitply within host
8. Inwhich disease would Donovan bodies be present?
a) genital warts
b) lymphogranuloma venereum
c) syphilis
d) granuloma inguinale
e) chancroid
9. Which disease is NOT caused by Chlamydia sp.?
a) lymphogranuloma venereum
b) pelvic inflammatory disease
c) granuloma inguinale
d) inclusion conjunctivitis
e) nongonococcal urethritis
10. If a patient comes to your office complaining of chest pain and a cough producing a current jelly-like sputum, which
organism would be the most likely cause of his/her
a) Streptococcus pneumoniae
b) Haemophilus influenzae
c) Pseudomons aeruginosa
d) Influenza virus
e) Klebsiella pneumoniae
11. Which organ in the human body is the most sensitive to
disseminated intravascular coagulation in a case of
a) thyroid
b) adrenal
c) lateral ventricle of the brain
d) spleen
e) aorta
12. The Negri body is a pathogonomiic sign of:
a) acute bacterial meningitis
b) arbovirus encephalitis
c) rabies
d) polio
e) chronic meningitis
13. If untreated, this infection can lead to cholangiocarcinoma. a) Schistosomiasis
b) Clonorchis sinesis
c) Strongyloidosis
d) Trypanosoma
e) E. coli
14. A 10 year old girl from El Salvador is brought to the
pediatric outpatient clinic. On the growth charts, she is
< 1 percentile. A CBC reveals a profound anemia. She has
moderate edema of the lower extremities and face. Stool
is sent for ova and parasites (O&P), and the lab reports the presence of helminth eggs. The most likely parasite
compatible with her clinical presentation is?
a) hookworm
b) Strongyloidosis
c) pinworm
d) pork tapeworm
15. A 48 year old make who received a bone marrow
transplant 6 months previously for chronic myelogenous
leukemia is admitted with wedge-shaped infiltrates on
chest x-ray. He is experiencing severe respiratory difficulty and is coughing up blood. Despite aggressive treatment,
he dies shortly after admission. At autopsy, pulmonary
infarcts are found. The pulmonary vessels contain fungal
hyphae with acute angle branching. The most likely
diagnosis in infection with:
a) Asperigillus spp.
b) Candida spp.
c) Blastomycosis
d) Pneumocystis cariniiMCCQE 2002 Review Notes Sample Questions – 23

1. A 63 year old woman with a long history of chronic renal failure is seen because of fatigue. She gets tired after
walking 4 blocks, but is comfortable at rest. Her only
medication is a calcium channel blocker for
hypertension. There is no history suggestive of bleeding.
Her physical...
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