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Case Study


Title of Case: Chapter 1 – Case for Analysis – Perdue Farms Inc.: Responding to the 21st Century Challenges

1. Describe the change in management style at Perdue Farms. The two management styles shown by Perdue Farms changed as Father passed the baton to his son. Frank started the company with a centralized style where most of the decisions were in his hands to make or with a few of the people in the organization that he trusted. Frank in his later years started asking the associates for input, which from a leadership standpoint helps with attrition by utilizing a participative leadership style. As Jim came completed his education and spent time in the family business he understood that by utilizing a people-first management style that the end effect is quality products. By putting the employee first they have more buy in to the organization and a sense of pride in what they do and the end effect from that is the customer is very satisfied at the product produced. In this type of organization there were hurdles to overcome since the majority of employees were low educated and had difficulty speaking the English language. Jim focused on educating his workforce through classes to help with the language barrier and Perdue Farms have healthcare professionals at all sites to help with any health issues. A happy, healthy employee is a very productive employee.

2. How would you classify Perdue Farms according to Mintzberg’s five organization types? Perdue Farms, I feel would be classified as a Diversified Form as I understand Minztberg’s five organizational types. Through the years Perdue Farms has grown into a very large organization which is broken into smaller business units. Each of the business units having a complete set of organizational parts with a smaller top management, a larger middle management to drive...
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