United Product Inc

Topics: Organizational structure, Management, Case study Pages: 3 (809 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Case Study Assignment – United Products, Inc.
Assaf Aharon Madar
Coleman University

The study case of united products, Inc. is a great platform to demonstrate many perspectives. In this case study assignment we will focus on the way the company manager, George Brown, chooses to build his company structure, his management philosophy motives for making the company to become successful and planning processes policy in United Products, Inc. (Gareth, 2013) United Products, Inc. was founded by George brown's Father in 1941 and engaged in the sales and service of basic supply items for shipping and receiving, production and packaging, research and development, and office and warehouse departments. On 1967, before his retirement, the elder Mr. Brown's recapitalized and restructured his companies, after merging some and disposing of others, he created two main companies which were: UPI and UPS. George Brown inherited UPI which was a small office products and supply company. Generally, Brown might considered for some to be a laissez-faire company president/owner which is often going out for vacations. (Gareth, 2013) George Brown priorities might consider quite different from other managers, he is budgets to himself a limited time for running the business since he declares himself as a person which reached his goal to be a wealthy man while he was 28 years old, and therefore he doesn’t want much growth because he is unprepared to put forth extra effort. (Jones, 1994) Although many people might judge Brown attitude of running a business, Brown has a good track record as president. His company has grown at an enviable 20 percent a year, and the functional organizational structure works well. In addition, Brown knows how to delegate and decentralize control by letting his employees to take over things while he is away. Moreover, He is letting his employees to demonstrate their abilities, rewards them for good performance, and he creates an enjoyable organizational...
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