Case Study for Critical Analysis

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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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Case Study for Critical Analysis
Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation

Poompat A.
Nudshalai V.
Kritthee U.

October 17, 2012

Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation is a firm that provides a chauffeured transportation services to business travelers. The company is founded by its current CEO, Dawson Rutter, and was originally based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Originally, Rutter, meant his company to be small and simple, enabling him to have several days off in a week. However, within six years, the company client base expands, thus presenting an opportunity to set a new benchmark for the chauffeured transportation industry. Currently, Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation provides not only luxury vehicles transportation, but also luxury hotels reservations, private jet services and many more.

Prioritizing in limousine business, Rutter realized that this kind of service is “flesh-centric”, meaning that direct contacts between staff members and clients are inevitable. This simply means that to provide the best customer service experience, the main focus is on the chauffeurs - not the vehicles. Unfortunately, driver jobs typically attract poorly educated, unskilled, and itinerant workers. Building a team of professional and organized employees to provide the best customer service is a real challenge.

In this case study, these following questions will be discussed regarding Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation: 1. What types of employees would you suggest Dawson Rutter add to his company next? Why? 2. Which of the three broad HRM activities (finding people, managing, talent, or maintaining talent, or maintaining workforce) would you invest in most heavily in order to begin building the human capital Commonwealth needs? 3. Suggest at least on idea for training, one for performance evaluation, and one for compensation that might be used...
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