Case Study Analysis: Oakbrook Medical Systems

Topics: Management, Nonverbal communication, Communication Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: May 7, 2011
Week Four Assignment: Case Study Analysis, Oak Brook Medical Systems, Inc. By
Nancy Walker

Instructor:Nancy Waldron
BUS600: Management Communications with Technology tools
Ashford University
January 28, 2011
In this case study, a division manager faces several potential human resource issues and communication challenges. To provide background, “Oak Brook Medical Systems” developed their “Hospital Supply Division” in response to “changes in the healthcare marketplace” and staffed the unit with highly qualified committed personnel. The company values teamwork, shares an “entrepreneurial” spirit, and the group of committed “self-starters” provides customers with quality products and service. The division’s highly qualified strategic director has been with the company for 12 years, serving in her current position for 18 months, and has been credited for developing a strategy that added “$40 million” to the business unit. Increasing the number of qualified and committed women into management could also carry “positive implications” for the company because “shifting demographics” call for new perspectives to meet changing customer expectations to sustain market growth and to outperform competitors. The strategy director hopes that her efforts will be recognized and rewarded with career advancement.” Division revenues currently reflect exceptional annual growth at “nearly 35 percent,” but there are indications that communication and morale need to be improved within the unit. Workers in the division who largely seem to be motivated to meet corporate goals also share resentment towards their team leader. Anecdotal reports both from management and competent people under her supervision indicate that the director’s “results-oriented” communication style has generated allegations of curtness and condescension from co-workers (O’Rourke, 2010, pp.290, 291). There seems to be a disconnect between perceptions of productivity, fairness and effective communication, and...
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